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My name is Marcel Boille. Born in St. Claude, Mb, graduate of Institue Collegial St. Claude and Arthur Meighen High School. Father of Daniel, Stephanie and Georges , with 6 grand children. Bilingual with french as my first language. Have extensive experience in Construction, Real Estate , book keeping and tax preparation. Founded St. Boniface Children’s Place d’Enfants day care with a friend as well as being a long time board member. Coached hockey and sat on the board of Directors of Notre Dame Recreation Center. Currently a member of and on the executive  of the Knights of Columbus.

Why am I a candidate.

In 2022 I had planned to be a candidate for trustee in LRSD.
A chance meeting with Francine (that I found to be honest, with strong moral values and integrity) made me change my plans and try out for city council. Five days into the campaign I was hospitalized for 7 days for major emergency surgery. Upon waking up from the surgery I was informed that I had been diagnosed with a stage 4 Metastatic Cancer with little chance of survival and limited time. That was the end of my campaign. After my surgery and recovery time, Francine was duly elected and she kept in  touch with me and supported me. On Dec 4, I was informed by the hospital that they had made a major error and that 2 other labs had confirmed that I was cancer free. Around that time also, Francine imformed me that things were not OK with her on the board of trustees and that the rest of the trustees did not like her asking question especially as to why parents were not being notified as to what was happening in the division. A few months later she let me know that she had been suspended. At that time a group of concerned parents and myself contacted the division to appear at the next meeting. I personally sent a request in which I was required to tell them ahead of the meeting what my question was going to be. Board meetings as per division guidelines are open public meetings. I received an email confirming that I could attend the meting with no mention of whether I could speak or not. The email said to go to the back door, give my name and someone would let me in.
Upon arriving Chris Sigurdsen opened the door and I told him that I was here to speak at the meeting. He replied that I would not be allowed to speak and no one was allowed to ask questions about Francine. When I arrived there were about 30 people outside waiting to enter and all were frustrated because they had been told that they would not be allowed to ask questions. As soon we all got into the meeting room( a former classroom for about 25-30 students) it was evident that the trustees had rigged the room to limit the number of people allowed in the room. Tables that were not required formed a large rectangular perimeter leaving only about 6 feet between the exterior walls and the tables. The Chair of the board said that there were to many people in the room for fire regulations and that only 4-6 people could remain in the room, Everyone voiced their frustration and asked that the meeting be moved to the former gym, but we were told that would not happen. After a brief 15 minute pause we were told that they were waiving the rule and that we could come in, but there would be no discussions on what happened with Francine. We were told that it was not our right to know. A 16 year former student caught the board off guard and she rushed to the podium and told them before judging Francine they should look at themselves in the mirror because they were breaking the very rules they suspended her for. Her brave comments struck a never with the trustees and they immediately said the meeting was over and that we had to leave. Every one refused to leave saying they were there to get answers. At one point one member of the audience approached Chris Sigurdsen and said that he could get us all to leave if the board agreed to answer questions about Francine at the next meeting. His reply and I quote "we don't negotiate with terrorist". One of the trustees called the police saying that they were being threatened  and that we were disorderly. The entire meeting was recorded by a media outlet, and it proves that the board made false accusation. The police told myself and others that the board wanted all of us to be charged, but the police charged no one.

Following the meeting the board sent a slanderous report to the Free Press about the behavior of the parents.  Additionally letters were sent to all the parents and people who were at the board meeting telling them that they were barred from any and all Louis Riel division property. Then a week before the end of Francine’s suspension she was suspended for another three months and again before that suspension was over they suspended her again. It was clear that they would keep on suspending her which is why she resign, rather than remain in a toxic and abusive environment.
Board members spent countless hours pouring over Francine’s private social media(instead of working on school issues) pages to find what they deemed dirt on her and they convicted her without allowing her a proper defense. None of her post (unlike what other members have) made mention of LRSD, or that she was a trustee. The actions of the remaining trustees at the June meeting did more to tarnish the reputation of the board than anything that Francine did. There was zero proffessionalism.

The current board is a toxic environment. LRSD policy states that the division has inclusiveness, respect for diversity. and does not discriminate but that is an absolute lie. If you do not agree with the board, there is no room for you. and if you dare question what they are doing your out of their circle.

So all of this is making my blood boil. Children do not, never have and never will belong to the school trustees or the teachers. Both are nothing more than janitors paid by us the taxpayer to give our children a proper education that they will need to face the world when they become adults. Raising children is not and never was a right given to the school system by the parents. I have more respect for the school janitor than in the system itself because the janitor does exactly what he paid to do.  Parental rights has to be the main foundation block of the education system. Parents must have the right to say what is being and not being taught in the schools. When I hear trustees and teachers tell students that their parents do not need to know we have a huge problem.
Another comment that I heard from a LRSD trustee that irritates me is that students don't need to know how to tell time or cursive writing because it won't give them anything in life. Can't believe someone in education would say this but I heard it with my own 2 ears.
Recently a teacher was charged in LRSD for inappropriate behavior with a student, and that teacher got away with it because of the don't tell the parents mentality.

We have serious problems and issues in our school system We need serious people and common sense to deal with these issues. Disagreeing with someone does not and never has equated to discrimination. I will fight for equality but equality is not limited to someone who agrees .


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